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Spring 2014 Parent Teacher Conference Sign Ups Now Available!
Parent Teacher Conferences are once again available through an online signup process! Appointment times and dates are listed below. Through this new online signup procedure, you can select relevant conferences with your children's teachers. Please consult Parent Portal if you are not sure which teacher your child currently has. If you have multiple children in the school, please be cautious not to select the same time slots for multiple teachers/grade levels. Due to time restrictions, this will be on a first come, first served basis. If your child’s teacher does not have any available time slots, please contact the teacher via email if you wish to meet with them at another time.


Welcome to the Summerfield Elementary School.  Our school mission is firmly poised in creating and fostering the best educational experiences for all learners, and building strong, positive relationships with parents and community stakeholders to further student success.The Summerfield Elementary School Family believes that children come first.  It is our goal to provide positive and varied approaches to teaching and learning; emphasize critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques; show respect for and an appreciation of our world, its’ resources, and its’ people; develop a sense of responsibility, self-respect, accountability, and self-worth in our children to enable them to become outstanding citizens within this ever-changing global society. 


Jerard L. Terrell, Principal

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