Midtown Community School

A Community of Learners

Midtown Staff Directory 2015 - 2016

Teacher email addresses are available once signed into the Parent Portal. If you do not have Parent Portal information please contact your child’s school.

Click on the blue box next to the teacher’s name and the name and email address window will open.

 Copy and paste the teacher’s email address into your email from a preferred provider (Hotmail, Comcast, Outlook, Gmail etc.)


A Ms. Coceicao /Ms. Borges            

B Ms. Dempsey/Ms. Carter    

C Ms. Valencia/Ms. Fernandez        


A Ms. Campione/Ms. Schembri                 

B Ms. Collazo (Bilingual)/Ms. Coyne            

C Ms. Moreno/Ms. Kelly         

D Ms. Mazzucco/Ms. Griffith   

E Ms. Strollo/Ms. Donovan/Ms. Mowczan/Ms. Newsome

F Ms. Thrower/Ms. Trotte

1st Grade

A Ms. Clays                                               

B Ms. Harrington                             

C Ms. Weedon                                                                                               

2nd Grade

A Ms. Abromaitis                             

B Ms. Bell (Bilingual)                      

C Ms. Mohan                

D Ms. Smith                                                                                   

3rd Grade

A Ms. Carrino                          

B Ms. Garrison                             

C Ms. Henderson/Ms. Pancza                                

D Ms. Witte                                               

4th Grade

A Ms. Adamczyk                                  

B Ms. Allegro/Ms. Kelly/Ms. Doucette          

C Ms. Janulis                     

D Ms. T. Smith                                

5th Grade

A Ms. Bennett/Ms. Miles                           

B Ms. Laird (Launch)                       

C Mr. Pagluca                                               

D Ms. Rivera                                  

Resource Room/Inclusion

Ms. Benjamin

Ms. Dominick

Ms. O’Connor                                 


Ms. Parker                                        

Ms. Jolly                                           

Reading Teacher

Mr. Lupo                                         


Math Facilitator

Ms. Jegou                                                                               

Media Center

Ms. Plevier

Ms. Richardson (F)


Mr. Perez 

Mr. Doyle (Wednesday) 

Physical Education

Ms. Sprayberry                                     


Ms. Kacsmar                                    

Mr. Bowden (Tuesday)                                              


Ms. Grimaldi

Ms. Harber 


Mr. Palmer                                       

Mr. Riccardello                                

Ms. Baker-Gallup (Monday)                             

Health Clinic

Ms. Diamonte                       


Dr. Rogo                  

Environmental Science

Mr. Toohey                        


Ms. Smith - Anti-Bullying Coordinator                                    


Ms. Flynn                                    

Child Study Team

Ms. Irons                                       

School Secretary

Ms. Gonzalez                              


Mr. McEnough

Mr. Deuchar

Mr. Farris

Mr. Morris

Mr. Neil

Mr. O’Connor (Floater)